Rum & Choke is an NYC-based theatrical ensemble who strives to make the ordinary uncomfortable and the uncomfortable ordinary. Their piece “Dark Matter” has been seen at The PIT Loft and DTF @ Pace University. “Mourning Wood” began its development with Don’t Trust the Postal Service’s “Burn it to the Ground” in association with Sitting Shotgun. Rum & Choke consists of ensemble members Essence Brown, Stephanie Orta-Vázquez, Jamie Lowenstein, Hannah Doyon, and Alyssa Kakis (director/facilitator).

Upcoming WERK

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Happy Hour with Rum&Choke at The Tank, is currently on hold. Check back soon for updates, stay safe everyone!

Previous Werk

Dark Matter 

Dani is just your average millennial girl with typical millennial worries: brunch plans, deciding if she should cancel her Equinox subscription, existential dread.... Join Dani as she orbits around her vapid & judgemental Upper East Side frenemies (Yes, they ARE hanging out without you) and gets knocked off-course by an over-eager Dark Matter scientist who claims to know the meaning of life. Will Dani finally find meaning? Will she stop drinking? Will she ever chill the fuck out? Watch the damn show! 

Mourning Wood

BDSM meets “Sky High” in a dystopian world where love doesn’t exist and people are assigned to live out their lives as either a “dom” or a “sub.” But when Abel Goodbottom can’t get it up for his placement test, could his flacidity be the start to a revolution? Abel doesn’t think so, but maybe an underground organization called the USSR can change his mind.


Coming Soon ;)

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